Defqon.1 Camping Ground

Camping Ground: All You Need To Know


Defqon.1 Weekend Festival takes place at Evenemententerrein Biddinghuizen.

The address is: Spijkweg 30, Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands.


The Defqon.1 Camping Ground opens on Friday the 23th of June at 14:00.

The Defqon.1 Camping Ground closes on Monday the 26th of June at 13:00.


There are many ways to travel to Defqon.1. You can read all info at How to get there. Trailers and campers are not allowed on the Defqon.1 parking area and the Camping Ground.


You can leave the Camping Ground any time you want. You'll be checked by entrance security every time you re-enter the Camping Ground. You may only bring food and drinks the first time you enter.


Please consult with our Camping Ground stewards before setting up your tent. They will help you find the perfect spot. We only allow tents on the Defqon.1 Camping Ground. You can’t bring a car, camper, caravan or tent trailer. You can use your tent again next year, so don’t forget to take it down and take it home.


For those who don't want to bring a tent, we offer several accommodations on the campsite or nearby the festival. Check out our wide range of Travel & Stay Packages and choose your favorite.


Become part of the tribe and get your Defqon.1 gear at the official merchandise stands or at the online Q-dance Store. From caps, towels and sunglasses to the most epic Defqon.1 hoodies; we’ve got everything the real Weekend Warrior needs.


The Camping Stores offer tents, tent pegs, ropes, batteries and camping furniture. The Camping Stores also have BBQ supplies, like meat packages or disposable barbecues.


You’re allowed to bring food in all sorts and sizes to the Defqon.1 Camping Ground. There is a limit to bring drinks: a maximum of 4,5 liters for soft drinks and drinks that contain less than 14,5% alcohol. Glassware and liquors are prohibited.

Enjoy a nice BBQ with your friends, but make sure you only use disposable barbecues and the smallest size of gas bottles. You are not allowed to bring drinks or food from the Camping Ground to the festival.


The showers at the Defqon.1 Camping Ground are available 24 hours a day. Each time you use a shower, it will cost you one token. The shower house has limited electricity, meaning that you are able to use electricity for a short amount of time.


There are two First Aid stations available at the Defqon.1 Camping Ground. These stations are located near Camping Grounds 1 and 5. Signage at the Camping Ground will show you where to go.


Are you, or are you together with, a disabled person? We have special equipped showers and toilets available at the Defqon.1 Camping Ground. Please check in with our Camping Ground stewards to find the best spot for your party. Toilets for disabled visitors are available throughout the entire festival area.

Do's and Don'ts on the Defqon.1 Campsite

In addition to the two festival days, the campsite will be a place for those who can’t get enough. In order to keep the campsite a place for everyone to enjoy, there are a few rules you need to keep in mind.

  1. The minimum age for the Defqon.1 campsite is 18 years. Please bring a valid ID (drivers licence, ID pass, passport). 
  2. We all love a clean campsite. Clean the area around your tent and throw your trash in one of the trash bins. 
  3. Still not in the mood for some sleep after a long day of partying? Then order some drinks at the Q-Café! The Q-Café can be found on field 2 and 5. 
  4. Bring your drinks in plastic bottles and cans. Glass isn’t allowed and this will be checked at the entrance.
  5. Lockers are available at the campsite. Use them and store your valuable items such as your passport, wallet and camera. Don’t leave your beloved items unattended at your tent. 
  6. Mark your valuable items. It makes it easier to recognize your items at the lost and found. 
  7. Camping stewards will help you find the perfect camping spot. Please follow their instructions and don’t pick your own spot. 
  8. Only tents are allowed at the campsite. Campers, caravans or tent-trailers don’t fit on the campsite area. It’s not allowed to spend the night in your car. 
  9. The campsite fences are highly secured by our security staff. Don’t try to climb over the fences to get illegal access to the campsite. If you get caught, you will be removed from the festival grounds and receive a fine.
  10. Visitors who do not live up to these simple rules take the risk of being denied access to Defqon.1.

Drugs, weapons and dangerous items

Drugs, weapons, knives, drones, scissors, fireworks, oil and gas lamps, candles, and torches are not allowed on the campsite. Big barbecues are also not allowed on the campsite. You are allowed to bring disposable barbecues and camping stoves. The drugs policy at Biddinghuizen is zero-tolerance. This means that all types of drugs are prohibited. This also includes weed and hash.


Are you afraid that there won’t be enough music at Defqon.1? Feel free to bring a portable radio and/or CD-player with your favourite music. We don’t have space for sound systems, generators and aggregates so don’t bother and leave them at home.


Don’t bring your pets to the campsite. Defqon.1 isn’t a suitable environment for your little friends.

Shirts & flags

Shirts and flags of football clubs are not allowed. However, we do encourage you to bring shirts and flags of your favorite country.


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