Food & Water


At the Defqon.1 site, there’s something for every taste. All the restaurants offer a wide range of dishes to provide you with whatever you’re craving for. Restore your energy and get a pizza, Asian snack, fresh fruit, wok dish, delicious smoothie, pasta, traditional French fries and more.

Do you feel like trying something different? Discover different cuisines and treats at dozens of food trucks that are spread across the festival ground.

All the products which contain meat at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival are 100% organic. At many of the food courts, we’re also giving you the choice between vegetarian and local food. To recognize the different types of food, we’re using special logos at the food stands. Please notify the staff at the stand if you have any allergies, we'll help you the best way we can.

100% Organic

100% organic meat is produced under the most natural conditions possible. This means that it’s manufactured without making use of technology, chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Organic food is produced with respect for everything that lives. So are all the animals surrounded by space and living in a peaceful environment.

Besides the 100% organic meat, all fish on Defqon. 1 will contain the MSC label of quality. This means that all available fish are derived from sustainable fishery.

Local food

In the Netherlands, we’re used to be able to buy products the entire year. However, we can’t take for granted that fruits and vegetables are grown anytime and anywhere. Every day, planes and cargo ships filled with food are being flown and shipped all across the world. To prevent wasting a lot of energy, it’s important to choose seasonal products.

Fair Trade

A lot of our daily products such as cacoa, coffee, sugar and tea are grown and processed in Third World countries. In these countries, employees receive extremely low wages and children are forced to work.

Fair trade offers producers an honest price for their products, makes sure that fair wages are being paid and that the local community can continue to develop.


A majority of our food comes from animals. Out of compassion for these animals, many people make the decision to be vegetarian. With whatever reason you are vegetarian; we take your wishes into account. At Defqon.1 we pay a lot of attention to vegetarian food. That’s why we offer products without meat or fish in it.


Our tap water is of high quality, always in reach and doesn’t need to be transported in plastic bottles to the Netherlands. By drinking tap water, you automatically contribute to the reduction of trash that’s processed daily.

Tap water is for everyone! That’s why we’re placing water bars at the Defqon.1 festival site. At the water bars, you can easily refill your bottles for free.